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cinnamon: 44 ♥,regen tropft auf mein Haut;Kussflecke auf deinem Spiegelbild ♥. Baby I like it ♥


lalalalalalala;herzt ihr Besten 2010
last update: 27/3/98

Life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it.”
...Heavenly wind, blowing the leaves of time,
Send this feeling to the moon.

Gracefully, just like you
A sturdy flower, with colors so bright,
but before the leaves of words can reach
they vanish from their delicate stem.
If I cant become a butterfly, to fly your skyes.
I dont care if I become a demon,
that receives that pain, that sadness.

Heavenly wind, blowing the leaves of time,
this feeling has scattered.
Dreams are an instant, this heart will,
remain as a chrysalis, to the end of the times.
That misty moon tear.
11.11.10 06:58


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